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23 November 2016 | in CUSF News

FISU-CUSF Strategic Dialogue



XIAMEN On 22 November, the FISU-CUSF Strategic Dialogue unveiled the curtain. It was initiated to strengthen the link between FISU and Continental University Sports Federations, and promote mutual understanding amongst all stakeholders. Being the very first time in the both FISU and AUSF history, the dialogue attracted over 70 participants from 25 countries and regions.

The dialogue was hosted by ZHONG Bingshu, President of Capital University of Physical Education and Sports and FISU EduC Vice-President. FISU president Mr. Oleg MATYTSIN, FISU Secretary General/CEO Mr. Eric SAINTROND, AUSF President Mr. XUE Yanqing, Senior Vice-President Mr. Omar AL-HAI, Secretary General Mr. Kenny CHOW, Chairman of the Board and Founder of Hupu Sports Mr. CHENG Hang were present, to name just a few. On behalf of AUSF, Mr. XUE Yanqing welcomed all the delegates and audiences. Then Mr. Oleg MATYTSIN delivered an official speech, praised Asia for the contribution in both the Olympic movement and university sports movement. He emphasized that it is the national university sport federations who shape the direction of FISU. He affirmed that creating a more positive cooperation between FISU, NUSF and CUSF has been a priority in FISU’s working plan. He also appealed that CUSF should have more voices in FISU’s activities.

Then the lovely students from nearby Huaqiao University gave a wonderful performance, the most exciting part was the singing and dancing by the foreign students, whose enthusiastic and energetic show had ignited the atmosphere of the hall.


Plenary I Session

The Plenary I session with the topic ‘Direction on the Development of University Sports’ was presented by 4 speakers. Being first, Mr. Leonz EDER, FISU 1st Vice President elaborated on the FISU-CUSF-NUSF development in various aspects. Then FISU Treasurer Mr. Bayasgalan DANZANDORJ expressed his opinions of the development of FISU and CUSF in the financial perspective, and affirmed that FISU would provide more financial help to the development of CUSFs. Next, FISU CDSU Director Mr. Laurent BRIEL showed the work CDSU had done, and shared his thoughts on FISU’s strategy on continental development. Finally, AUSF Secretary General Mr. Kenny CHOW gave a brief introduction on the AUSF achievements as well as the challenges AUSF faced in the development. Their excellent presentations had sparkled heated discussions, and most audiences thought it was enlightening and fascinating.

 FISU SG/CEO Eric Saintrond

Plenary II Session

Four speeches were addressed on the ‘Dynamics of University Sports Development’, mainly concerning funding opportunities and new media.

FISU Secretary General/CEO Mr. Eric Saintrond furnished the audience with those increasingly prevailing interfaces of sports news on digital media, social media and applications, i.e., Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. To explore why bigger consumption of digital media can be achieved, he pinpointed a large number of factors like youth preference, convenience, and profitable revenues.

As Vice Secretary General of the Federation of University Sports of China, AUSF President Mr. XUE Yanqing introduced the FUSC’s development of media especially in the last 5 years. Given the live data in charts and diagrams, it was clearly demonstrated that FUSC had made a rapid progress in promotion of China’s sports development and establishment of brand sporting events.

Chairman of the Board and Founder of Hupu Sports Mr. CHENG Hang critically analysed the current situation of the sports industry in China, exemplifying some influencing driving power that’d accelerated China’s university sports development, such as national policy, market demand and technical reconstruction. Drawing on the successful business model of NCAA in terms of digitalization and commercialization, he proposed his innovative idea of generalizing a campus informatization teaching model realized by ‘Wisdom Playground’, a world’s largest reality platform connected by mobile internet.

In his report, Deputy Vice Chancellor of MARA University of Technology Mr. Abdullah Mohamad Said introduced the different funding opportunities the national federation, the organizing committee and participating teams may get for various sport events, which was backgrounded by the special educational system of higher education institutions in Malaysia.

 AUSF President XUE Yanqing

Discussion by West Asia

Co-chaired by AUSF Senior Vice-President Mr. AL-HAI Omar and EUSA Secretary General Matjaz Pecovnik, the West Asia group consisted of the delegates from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Syria. Each delegate presented his own NUSF’s composition, approaches to funding resources or Universiades and championships they attended or hosted. A significant focus was drawn on the systemic difference between EUSA and AUFS relating to their organizational structures, participating teams as well as memberships.



(Source: AUSF)