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29 October 2013 | in CUSF News

EUSA Executive Committee meets in Armenia


 EUSA Executive Committee with the Minister for Sport Mr Ashotyan

YEREVAN - On the invitation of the Armenian Student Sports Federation (ARSSF), the Executive Committee meeting of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) 04-2013 was held in Yerevan, Armenia on 24 and 25 October, 2013.

The meeting was opened by the welcome addresses by Mr Adam Roczek, EUSA President who expressed his happiness that EUSA is able to reach out to its members in various parts of Europe and commended the activities of the hosting national university sports association. Although ARSSF officially joined EUSA only at the General Assembly in 2012, they have already been active in taking part in EUSA sports events and also in other activities of the continental governing body for university sport.

On behalf of the hosts, members of the Executive Committee and other participants were welcomed by Mr Razmik Stepanyan, ARSSF Vice-President, Mr Samvel Haroutunian, International relations manager and Mr Hovhannes Gabrielyan, Sports manager. They presented the activities and accomplishments of their organisation and stressed the desire of their federation to be an even more active member of EUSA in the future.

The EUSA Executive Committee Meeting was also a good opportunity to strengthen the cooperation in the region, so the representatives of the University Sports Federation of Georgia (USFG), the President of USFG Mr Lekso Gugava and Vice-President Mr Shota Bakradze were also invited. They presented their activities to the EUSA Executive Committee and also held bilateral discussions with their Armenian counterparts about the possibilities of closer cooperation and joint activities.

All participants of the EUSA Executive Committee meeting were also received by Mr Armen Ashotyan, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, who is also the President of ARMSSF. Mr Ashotyan warmly welcomed the guests at the Ministry in the Armenian capital and expressed his happiness about the fact that sport in general, and especially university sport is bridging borders and linking different countries, nationalities and religions. He also personally expressed his support and repeated the willingness of ARMSSF to host more EUSA events in the future.

EUSA President Roczek presenting a EUSA plaque to Minister Ashotyan

At the occasion of the meeting with the Minister Mr Ashotyan, EUSA President Mr Roczek presented him a crystal EUSA plaque, thanking him for hosting the meeting and for his support for university sport on the national and international level.

The two-day meeting otherwise had a full agenda. The topics discussed were, among others, reports of the past activities and events, plans for the future, finances and budget, special projects, proposal of a new visual identity and branding of EUSA, establishment of Educational Services Commission, nominations for completing the Technical and Student Commission and selected European candidates for FISU Scholarships. Special focus was given to the topic of European Universities Games - Rotterdam 2014, Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 and open bidding for 2018. Sport Climbing and Chess were proposed to be added to the European Universities Championships.

EUSA Executive Committee Members also discussed the topic of offering support to its members to strengthen EUSA internally and externally by intensifying international cooperation and partnerships with European organisations and institutions, with special emphasis on the European Union. The EC members also revised the action plan to protect the name, brand and activities of EUSA, preventing any misuse.

The meeting concluded with a meal in a traditional Armenian restaurant and a trip to see local sights, where EUSA President Mr Roczek, Vice-President Mr Leonz Eder and Secretary General Mr Pecovnik once again thanked the Organisers for the invitation, hospitality, excellent organisation and programme, promising to continue their support and development of university sport.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 30 January and 1 February, 2014.

A detailed report and more information are available online at www.eusa.eu.


(Source: EUSA)