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21 November 2016 | in CUSF News

9th AUSF General Assembly in Xiamen



XIAMEN - On 20 November, the 9th AUSF General Assembly was inaugurated in Xiamen, China. 25 out of the 36 AUSF members were present at the meeting. Around 120 participants came from nearly 50 countries or regions, including the FISU President Oleg MATYTSIN, 1st Vice President Leonz EDER, Secretary General/CEO Eric SAINTROD, special guests from other Continental Federations and AUSF member federations.

Presided over by AUSF Secretary General Kenny CHOW, the Assembly began with welcome speech by FUSC Executive Vice President and Secretary General Liguo YANG, who is also FISU Vice President. He warmly welcomed all the participants, saying that together with other counterparts, China would like to continue to strive for the development of the Asian University Sports Federation and wished the meeting to be productive and successful. In the following, FISU President Oleg MATYTSIN delivered his congratulatory speech, highly praising the contribution Asia made toward the world university sports movement by virtue of hosting 6 Summer Universiades and 1 Winter Universiade in 16 years and 9 out of 33 World University Championships this year. In particular, he really appreciated China’s great efforts made to the Asian university sports development by hosting the 1st Climbing Championship, World University 3x3 League, ongoing World University 3x3 Basketball Championship, etc. He expected stronger working relations to be established after the new AUSF EC election. As the counterparts of AUSF, representatives of EUSA, FASU, FISU-AMERICA and FISU-OCEANIA also attended the meeting, wishing the Assembly smooth and fruitful.

FISU President Oleg Matytsin

Following the meeting Agenda, Kenny CHOW made his report, by reviewing the achievements made in this term 2010-2016, with regard to a good number of competitions and events, educational programmes and interactive activities. He highly acknowledged AUSF Secretariat’s and member federations’ dedication and contribution towards the Asian university sports prosperity. Treasurer Cheng Fave SEETOW reviewed the income and expenditure of the years 2014-2016 and critically analyzed the current situation of AUSF finance by pinpointing a few inadequacies, which was followed by Auditor Woong Yong Ha’s audit reports of 2014-2015.

One of the key items of the meeting was the approval of the proposed amendments to the AUSF constitution. The AUSF Constitution was first approved in 2007 and it was the first time for AUSF to have numerous content amendments, regarding the recognition of NUSF, composition of Executive Committee, etc. Echoing a call for the contemporary situation, the revision of rules and regulations provide AUSF with better criteria for future actions, which will help AUSF board members and the Secretariat better serve member countries and regions, universities and student-athletes. In addition, the affiliation of Afghanistan and Bhutan increased the number of AUSF members to 38, which made AUSF a bigger family.

FISU President Oleg Matytsin & 1st Vice-President Leonz Eder

The meeting ended with the presentation on the 2017 Summer Universiade to be held in Chinese Taipei from 19 to 30 August, 2017. The Asian members were well updated with the progress of event preparation.

On the afternoon, all the delegates were invited to the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 World University 3x3 Basketball Championship held in Huaqiao University. In the evening, a welcome banquet was hosted in the name of AUSF for all the delegates. During the banquet, FISU President Oleg Matytsin presented plaques to AUSF Honorary President CHUNG Tong Gu and President ZHANG Xinsheng respectively in appreciation of their contribution towards the international university sports movement. Also a special plaque was presented to Mr. YANG Liguo and the Federation of University Sports of China under his leadership for its continuous support for FISU events.

FISU President Oleg Matytsin presents a FISU plaque to Yang Liguo

In the following, AUSF presented the awards to those EC members who won’t continue for their election and its member federations in recognition of their dedication and contribution. The ‘Best Involvement Award’ was awarded for those member federations who most frequently participated in the AUSF championships from 2011 to 2016. The ‘Best Practice Award’ was for those members who most frequently hosted AUSF Championship from 2011 to 2016.


Honorary President

Dr. Xinsheng ZHANG

Long Service and Pioneer Award


Outstanding Service Award

Dr. Kunning CHEN and Dr. Mahdi TALEBPOUR

Best Involvement Award

Federation of University Sports of ChinaMongolian University Sports FederationKorean University Sports BoardUniversity Sports Board of ThailandUniversity Sports Federation of Hong Kong ChinaMalaysian University Sports Council

Best Practice Award

Korean University Sports BoardFederation of University Sports of ChinaChinese Taipei University Sports Federation


The new Board of AUSF Executive Committee will be elected to come into being tomorrow. For more exciting results, please keep updated on the AUSF website at www.ausf.org.


(Source: AUSF Secretariat)