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16 July 2013 | in Conference

FISU Conference in Kazan, day 3

Gender and Healthy Lifestyle Issues Highlight Day Three of FISU Conference

Continuing the theme “University and Olympic Sport: Two Models – One Goal”, day three of the FISU Conference provided attendees with information on both gender and healthy lifestyle issues.

The first plenary session, “Women in University and Olympic Sport” began with a presentation from Etsuko Ogasawara (JPN). Ogasawara discussed the Brighton Declaration and shared modern success stories related to the movement of increasing the participation of women in sport. Ogasawara encouraged those in attendance to educate future leaders and create new opportunities for women in sport.

Following Ogasawara’s presentation, a truly historical moment occurred as the Brighton Declaration was signed by Oleg Matytsyn (RUS), the First Vice-President of FISU, in the presence of the audience.

The second plenary session, “How Can University and Olympic Sport Contribute to a Healthy Lifestyle?” consisted of presentations from Yannis Pitsiladis (GBR), Leter Lynen (GER) and Nico Sperle (GER). Pitsiladis shared data and studies demonstrating the declining health benefits that can result from a lack of sport participation. Pitsiladis recommended that there is an urgent need for University and Olympic sports to create a symbiotic relationship to reverse these negative trends. Similarly, Lynen and Sperle suggested that sport and physical activities contribute to the prevention of negative health effects, and that the Universiades could serve as a promotional platform to encourage sport and physical activity.

The FISU Conference will conclude tomorrow 17 July 2013.