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25 November 2014 | in World University Championships, Chess

Update 2016 WUC Chess


ABU-DHABI - Omar Al-Hai, FISU Assessor and organizer of the 14th WUC Chess 2016, received the CTI WUC Chair Leonz Eder for a short visit in the host city of the next Chess event in the FISU calendar.

Indeed Abu Dhabi will host this event in one of the five star hotels in the city centre. "I hope to welcome some 25 countries in the United Arab Emirates in 2016”, Mr Al-Hai stated.

Leonz Eder & Omar Al-Hai

In Poland, the host country of the 13th WUC Chess 2014, male players from 15 countries and female players from 13 countries participated. The FISU WUC Department will support all the OC of the WUC 2016 in their preparation of the events. A total of 33 WUC are planned to be held in 2016 in 24 different countries.


(Source: WUC Dept.)