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13 September 2018 | in FISU World University Championships, Chess

Follow the play from WUC Chess in Brazil!

ARACAJU — Mind sport has begun in Brazil and the first day of competition at the World University Chess Championship was marked by strategy and deep concentration for the 48 university students participating in the first rounds of the Championship. 


As per the Swiss format, which is also the one used by the International Chess Federation, FIDE, a draw was held at the beginning of the competition to define the matches of the first round. Following this, there were two rounds of duels, one through the morning session and the other in the afternoon. In each round, 25 matches took place simultaneously in the Rio San Francisco, hall of the Praia Hotel.


After the first round, the following rounds are decided according to the score of each player. Participants with equal scores are matched to duel. If it is not possible to match participants with the same number of points, the match is held against the competitor with the closest rating. 


The system provides a clear winner with a limited number of rounds, without the need to play all opponents and also eliminates the possibility of getting knocked out due to one bad result. 


The technology in use at the WUC Chess is making waves. Through a program with digital trays of tables, movements can be streamed real-time. This allows people from all over the world to follow the exact plays made by each university athlete competing in the specific tables. 


Check out the live movement on this link. Competition continues until 18 September, as the best university chess players in the world compete for the title of World University Champion. Follow all results and schedules here.