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20 August 2014 | in World University Championships, Chess

13th WUC Chess – Second Day of Competitions



KATOWICE - The second day of the 13th World University Chess Championship was filled with emotions.  After 3 rounds, the tournament situation is beginning to clarify.  So far, in the women’s section  Klaudia Kulon (POL) won her three matches scoring 3 points, while in the men’s group no one won 3 games but 7 players scored 2.5 points (two wins and one draw). With the time passing, players are getting more and more tired, especially after matches which can last up to 5 hours of intense concentration.

Gombosuren Munkhgal (MGL) has been one of the surprises of the men’s tournament until now. With his 2418 ELO rating, 19th starting seed in this tournament he managed to win two games and draw once to achieve a score of 2.5 points. This Wednesday he will face an important challenge since he will face Armenia’s Karen Grigoryan and his 2595 ELO Rating.

You can follow the live broadcast here.



Round 2

Round 3


Round 2

Round 3

(Source: WUC Chess)