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08 June 2016 | in World University Championships, Canoe Sprint

Opening Ceremony welcomes the 7th WUC Canoe Sprint Participants


MONTEMOR-O-VELHO - Around 160 athletes represented their countries in the Opening Ceremony of the 7th World University Canoe Sprint Championship. 18 countries took the stage and listened to the representatives of the organization entities.

The President of the Portuguese University Sports Federation (FADU), Mr. Daniel Monteiro, was the first one on stage and highlighted the great facilities and the great opportunity that is being in Portugal. “You have the chance to enjoy the Portuguese hospitality and culture while you’re practicing canoe sprint in such a good High Performance Centre”.

FISU EC member Kemal Tamer

Mr Mário Santos, President of the Organizing Committee, followed in stage and reinforced the role of Portugal in Canoe Sprint. “We have good facilities, good canoes, good athletes. In con

Athletes' Oath by Francisca Laia

clusion, we are a country of Canoe”.

On behalf FISU Mr Kemal Tamer welcomed all the delegations and wished them good luck in this 7th edition of the Canoe Sprint Championship. He ended his speech giving the floor to Mr Vítor Pataco, Vice-President of the Portuguese Institute for Youth and Sports, to declare the 7th WUC Canoe Sprint officially open.

After the speeches, Francisca Laia said the oath of the athletes. The Portuguese Olympic canoeist has “high expectations" regarding this championship. "I want to reach the final. In competition every second is precious and it is my focus point”. Ana Vieira followed Francisca to say the referee’s oath.

The ceremony ended with a musical performance of a group made only by students of Coimbra that sung FISU’s anthem “Gaudeamus igitur”.

Live results and timetable can be followed in www.canoesprintportugal.com.

Highlights - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DijB_QAHXWI

Photos of the day - https://we.tl/BS7EmUQ0j9


(Source: OC WUC Canoe Sprint)