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27 August 2016 | in FISU World University Championships, Bridge

8th WUC Bridge - Day 5


LODZ - Today is the final day of the tournament. We will know who the Champion is very soon. Are you ready?

The Closing Ceremony will take place at European Institute at 19:00. After award ceremony we will see passing the FISU flag to the next Organizing Committee WUC Bridge 2018. That action will definitely end WUC Bridge 2016.


Julien Carrel (r) with OC delegates

“Bridge is a sport I didn’t know that well and it’s not one of the biggest championship we have in FISU, but the level of organization is quite high”, Julien Carrel, FISU staff member said. The OC has done a really good job in promoting this event, I was really impressed by the number of local media present at the opening ceremony and during the competition. Also the branding in play area is really good, so it gives good pictures and a good image. The general organization of the event is also well done, there is a good team behind it and they’re doing a wonderful job, everything regarding the services and logistics is well managed and I think the teams are happy to be here. This is my first time in Łódź, so I learn to discover this city. I’ve heard a lot of things about Łódź before because it organized already a few events for FISU and so some of my colleagues told me about it and I must say it’s a nice city to visit. I like to visit Piotrkowska street and we went to Manufaktura and another old former factory as well so it was nice to discover those places. I’ve never played bridge but I think it was interesting to discuss with the people here. I’ve asked a lot of questions to our technical delegate and to the representative of the WBF. I personally come from a sport that is more about physical activity and so I didn’t know that it demanded such preparation for game and such strategy, so I’m following the results and I’m interested in this.”

(Source: OC WUC Bridge)



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