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25 August 2016 | in World University Championships, Bridge

8th WUC Bridge - Day 3



LODZ – Yesterday, the participants of this FISU championship were halfway through the tournament, so it was time for a little break!

After 3 tough days of competing there was time for some relaxing and sightseeing. Therefore, Thursday afternoon was free for the competitors. They could join a guided tour to see and hear about Piotrkowska Street and Manufaktura or do whatever they wanted to.

Volunteer Balint LanteMeet Balint Lante, a volunteer from Hungary, who took part in the International FISU Volunteer Programme

I: What do you think about Łódź?

B.L.: Łódź is a beautiful city.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been to Poland and of course this city too is really modern but there are also traditional buildings, so I love it.

I: What do you think about the organization of the championship?

B.L.: Everything goes according to the plan, the venue is good and it’s great to be a part of it.

I: What do you think about bridge?

B.L.: I know hardly anything about it, but it must be very exciting for the players. I’m sure it’s a more complicated game than it looks.

9th WUC Bridge will travel to China in 2018

Delegates of the current and next OC and FISU

On Wednesday 24 August, delegates of the future Organizing Committee meet with Przemysław Jagielski, a representative of the present OC WUC Bridge and FISU delegate Julien Carrel to discuss preparations of the next tournament.

(Source: OC WUC Bridge 2016)



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