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06 November 2014 | in World University Championships, Bridge

7th WUC Bridge – Day 5 of Competitions



OPATIJA – The fifth day of competition of the 7th WUC Bridge in Opatija, Croatia started with a match between the two leading teams after 11 rounds, Poland 1 and Czech Republic 2. With a victory 13-8, the Polish players confirmed their good position and clearly appeared to be the favourites for gold. Behind them, the Czechs remained in a position to contest the title followed closely by France 1 and Poland 2 with 158 points for both after their respective victory over Germany 2 and China 1.

In the afternoon, the podium changed entirely once again after the large victory of the Czech players 102-1 over Croatia while Poland 1 lost to Japan 39-54 and France 1 lost to Austria 40-68. After this thirteenth round, Czech Republic (183.26) took the lead ahead of Poland 1 (179.84) and Poland 2 (174.55) while France 1 (163.06) lost its hopes for the gold.

In the final round of the day, the Czech team left the lead to Poland for 0.5 points. Indeed further to its victory 20-0 on the second Czech team, Poland 1 reached a total of 199.84 after 14 rounds while after defeating Austria, Czech Republic 2 ended the day with a 199.34 total. In the last step of the podium, Poland 2 confirmed its position with 194.41 points.

On Friday morning Poland 2 will face successively Czech Republic 2 and France 1 in matches that will finish to define the podium and the afternoon will offer a final round and the closing ceremony.


Follow the live results here.


(Source: Julien Buhajezuk, WUC Dept.)