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03 November 2014 | in World University Championships, Bridge

7th WUC Bridge – Day 2 of Competitions



OPATIJA – Sunday was not a rest day for everyone. Indeed, the 17 teams taking part in the 7th WUC Bridge 2014 were focused on performing as well as possible to position themselves in the top of the ranking. After the 4th round played in the morning, the three teams present on the temporary podium remained the same, though the order changed. After a victory of China 2 (20-0), Czech Republic 2 took the lead ahead of France 1 and Japan respectively victorious of Croatia (20-0) and Italy (11-9).

Nevertheless the afternoon matches were going to change this order once again. If the Czechs continued on their winning streak, defeating Italy 16-4 to reach a total of points of 81.78, Japan took the second place back to France 1 after defeating France 2 by 16-4. France 1 even lost its spot on the podium after its wide defeat to Poland 1 in the match of the favorites on the score of 15-5, with Turkey grabbing the third place temporarily.

The last round played this Sunday once again confirmed the tendencies with Czech Republic 2 beating the Turkish team 15 – 5 to reach a score of 97.23 after 6 rounds – out of a maximum of 120 – followed by Japan (90.05) after its victory over China 1 (15-5) and France 1 (82.18) further to its victory against Germany 1 (14-6).

Today, Monday 3 November, France 1 and Japan will face each other in the top of the ranking while the outsiders such as Poland 1, Poland 2, Turkey and Austria will try to make their way back on the podium.



Follow the live results here.


(Source: Julien Buhajezuk, WUC Dept.)