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04 October 2016 | in World University Championships, Boxing

7th WUC Boxing in Chiang Mai - Opening and start of the competition

CHIANG MAI - The 7th World University Boxing Championship 2016 holding in Chiang Mai kicked off on October 3, 2016 with 10 fights. One of the highlights from the championship is a male middleweight match (75 kgs) between Conor Wallace, fighter from Ireland and Valerii Kharlamov fighter from Ukraine. In the first round, Wallace, having height advantage, landed right hook at the chin beating the opponent to the ground. However, Kharlamov standing his ground against Wallace in the following round, chasing him with rapid punches, and this made a nasty eyebrow cut. After a break, Wallace decided to eventually wave white flag and gave up.

FISU VP, Yang Liguo during his opening speech


The next hightlight is the middleweight bout (75 kgs) between Timo Rost, solo fighter from Germany and Luke Mejac, solo fighter from Slovenia. In the first round, both boxers traded dynamic punches, but in the second round, Rost obviously landed more clean punches than the opponent. Mejac, in the next round, changed tactics throwing one-two combos and waiting to unleash counterattack, but the tactics did not succeed. Finally, Rost took the victory with the final score of 29-28, 29-28, and 29-28.

The last one was the lightweight bout (60 kgs) between Thiwa Janthacumpa, Thai competitor and Mihail Cvasiuc from Moldova. Thai boxer having high dexterity employed tactic to wait for counterpunch following by nifty backward footwork. Cvasiuc; conversely, threw a lot more punches but there were only a few precise strikes. In the second round, boxer from Moldova aggressively chased Thiwa, but the Thai boxer still used the same tactics—jabbed and back step. Right before the bell rang, Thiwa landed a body blow. In the last round, the Thai fighter still used the tactics, and took victory with the final score of 3-0.


The Opening Ceremony


(Source: OC WUC Boxing)


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