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06 October 2016 | in World University Championships, Boxing

7th WUC Boxing – Day 3



CHIANG MAI - One of yesterday’s highlights was the women’s flyweight bout (51 kg) between Jutamas Raksataya from Thailand and Angelika Gronska from Poland. In the first round, Gronska landed more punches than the Thai boxer. In the two subsequent rounds, they equally traded punches, but Thailand edged out Poland by 2-1. Jutamas took the victory with the final score of 38-37, 38-37, and 37-38.

Another highlight was the men’s welterweight bout (69 kg) between Alisa Sharifov from Russia and Dmitri Galagot from Moldova. It was a vivid game as they were both standing up against each other throughout the game. In the second round, the Russian took a strong hook and got a cut at his left eyebrow, but he then successfully unleashed the counterattack opening his opponent’s eyebrow as well. In the last round, the Russian threw more punches and took the clear victory, 3-0, with the final score of 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

The 16th bout of the day was the welterweight fight (69 kg) between Jian Gu, Chinese competitor and Eqzon Maliqaj, Swiss boxer. The Chinese seemed to have the edge with the longer range punches over the opponent, but it turned out to be Maliqaj who landed more punches at Gu’s face, resulting in a count in the first round. Gu, in the following round, still could not hit the target, so the Swiss aggressively threw strong punches at Gu’s eyebrow leaving cuts. Maliqaj delivered a TKO in this round.

The heavyweight bout (81 kg) between Viacheslav Troian from Ukraine and Ali Akhmedov from Kazakhstan was another impressive game. Troian, in the first round, chased down his opponent with rapid punches forcing Akhmedov to be able to only wait for counterattack. The fighter from Kazakhstan could only do a few one-two combos. In the second round, Akhmedov, standing his ground against the opponent, successfully landed a body blow with a left hook beating him to the ground twice. The Kazakh finally took the victory with a TKO in the second round.



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(Source: OC WUC Boxing 2016)