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28 January 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Winter Universiade, Biathlon

Loïc Dehottay: Belgian and Biathlete


OSRBLIE – The ‘flat country’, is the nickname that is often given to Belgium. So when we learn that a Belgian participates in the 27th Winter Universiade, it’s a big surprise. Loïc Dehottay is from Malmedy and from an early age, his father took him to the ski slopes. “I was immediately hooked. I quickly competed and I even was Belgian youth champion. Then everything accelerated and I started biathlon at the age of 15”, Loïc explained.

Under the guidance of a French coach, Loïc trains six times a week in Nidrum in the town of Butgenbach, located in the German-speaking part of Belgium. But it is not uncommon that he ventures abroad to enjoy better training conditions. A chemistry student at the University of Liège, Loïc enjoys the status of student-athlete. This way he can follow a personalised curriculum to devote himself fully to his trainings and competitions. To fulfil his dream, Loïc can also count on the financial and logistical assistance of the Belgian Federation of Biathlon and the German Community. But his greatest support is still his father who tries to accompany him at the majority of his competitions.

Active mainly in national races in France and Germany, Loïc will also participate in the Junior World Biathlon Championships in February in Minsk (Belarus): “I'm trying to move linearly. My next goal is to qualify for the pursuit at the Junior World Championships. In the future, I hope to qualify for the IBU World Cup Circuit.”

For his second participation in the FISU Universiade (he was already present in Trentino in 2013), Loïc was rather pleased with his performance (45th in the 20km classic and 49th in the 10km sprint): “I moved up several places compared to the previous edition. This is an additional motivation to compete against athletes who are in the IBU World Cup circuit. In addition, the infrastructure and competitive conditions were sensational. I sincerely hope that in the future, I will have the opportunity to participate in the next Universiade, because it is a competition that I like a lot.”

David Vandenplas, Media Assistant