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15 July 2016 | in World University Championships, Beach Volleyball

Volunteers play Major Role in WUC Beach Volleyball 2016


PARNU – There are about 140 eager volunteers who help to organize the biggest sports event in Pärnu beach this year. Volunteers offer their assistance in seven different fields: registration and information, court assistance, team guidance, transportation, medical, media/public relations and security. Three volunteers shared their thoughts about the event.

Sirio from Italy

Sirio Lombardi

Sirio Lombardi came all the way from Italy to be a volunteer at the WUC Beach Volleyball competition. “When I heard about the opportunity, I immediately made an application.” He believes that beach volley is a nice sport, but Pärnu gives an extra good feeling to it. The Italian has a lot of tasks in the competition. He is responsible of the condition of the sand, measures the net, helps athletes and so on. Despite the responsibility he states jokingly: “The hardest thing is not to be here,” and adds, “it is easy to be a volunteer, everything is so organized and it is a joy to complete the tasks.” Sirio has an experience of volunteering. “This March I helped to organize a cross-country event in Italy.” The Italian has also many good things to say about Pärnu. “Estonia itself is full of greenery, but Pärnu has a lot of sunshine and it offers many possibilities to do sports – you have all kind of courts, tracks and fields.” He admitted laughingly that he would like to say positive things about the Italian teams, but none of them are here. “From women teams I think that Switzerland and Canada are very good, but also it seems hard to play against Germany.”

Local Girl helps Foreign Teams

Liina Luhar

Liina Luhar volunteers at the WUC 2016 Beach Volleyball competition as an attaché, who is an important link between staff and teams. Attachés’ tasks are transferring information, solving any possible problems of teams and so on. She hasn’t been a volunteer before, but knew that this event is for her. “When I heard that Pärnu was hosting a volleyball event, I was immediately sold,” and added that it is her hometown so she was more than happy to offer her assistance. “I have been playing volleyball myself for 12 years,” said Liina to justify her motivation. The attaché’s job is also accompanied with some difficulties. “I have two teams whom one I have been bonding from the beginning, but at times I feel like I’m not there enough for the other team,” expresses Liina her fear. However, the competition has offered only positive emotions for Liina. “I can’t believe that a competition of that caliber is finally in Pärnu. The weather has been good and everything runs smoothly.” She is also surprised that there are contestants who have come here from so far.

Helpful Maris from the Medical Service

Maris Filippov

Maris Filippov from the medical service came to volunteer mostly because she wanted to be involved in organizing a big sports event. “It is nice to see the championships so closely and to give my assistance if needed. Also I’m happy that our medical tent is next to the main court, so I can easily cheer on Estonian teams.”

She havsn’t been a volunteer before, but is very a happy to have a new experience from Pärnu. “It is exciting – a lot of communication and different cultures. Beach volleyball championships offer an opportunity to practice languages that tend to be forgotten in everyday life.”

“Few contestants have needed medical assistance. People who come here are mainly other volunteers or staff,” states Maris. She firmly keeps her fingers crossed for Estonian players. “I support all Estonians, but my biggest favorites are Tiisaar and Nõlvak.”


(Source: WUC Beach Volleyball OC)