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21 November 2014 | in NUSF News, Basketball

New University Basketball League kicks off in France



PARIS – FFSU, the French University Sports Federation together with Meltygroup announced the official launch of the Melty University Basketball League (MBLU) in partnership with Caisse d'Epargne.

Meltygroup, the online media group dedicated to various topics in youth entertainment, wants to help the French University Sports Federation in the development of its flagship basketball competition. Since university sport is little publicized in France, the media group wants to promote talent (players, coaches, fans, university communities ...) in basketball, a sport popular among youngsters.

In both the men’s and women’s league, a first phase involves four groups of three teams which will compete in three days, the 20 November, 11 December and 5 or 12 February. In a second round, the top two teams from each group (8 male/8 female) will then qualify for the final Top 8.

FFSU President Jean-François Sautereau commented: "At all levels (regional, national or international), university sports is full of young talent. These student-athletes are the future and deserve to be the spotlight. The partnership between Meltygroup and FFSU and will help to highlight them and we are thrilled!"

Dedicated pages have also been created on Facebook and Twitter to encourage universities to support their teams.

(Source: FFSU)