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08 November 2012 | in Badminton, FISU World University Championships

12th WUC Badminton: Asia Rules the Court

GWANGJU - The team competition for the quarter-finals at the 12th World University Badminton Championship began yesterday morning, November 7th, 2012. In the Group A preliminaries, CHN easily made it to the quarter-finals, defeating RUS with a huge point difference especially in Women’s Single and Women’s Doubles.

In the Group B preliminaries, JPN players won the match beating CAN in every single set. For the Group C, GBR was in a lead in the beginning and won the Mixed Doubles, but KOR took the victory in the rest of the matches and earned the ticket to the quarter-finals. As for the Group D, POL had a close game against TPE in the Mixed Doubles. However, TPE turned the tables and won the other matches in a row.

In the afternoon, the 1st –8th ranking game featured CHN, GBR, JPN, ESP, RUS, CAN, TPE and KOR. CHN, TPE and the home team KOR smashed their opponents by 3-0. JPN lost the Men’s Single, but played well against ESP in both the Men’s and Woman’s Singles, grabbing the ticket to the semi-finals in the end.

The 9th –12th ranking competition started at 3 p.m. POL played a better game than RSA and won by 3-0. HKG were victorious in the game against SRI with 3-0 game points. The semi-finals and finals are scheduled for today, November 8th.


(Source: WUBC OC)


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