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05 February 2017 | in Winter Universiade, Alpine Skiing

#WUAlmaty2017: Moroccan Brothers and Rivals



ALMATY - Morocco is not a country one would expect to participate in winter sports. But at the 28th Winter Universiade, there are two representatives of this sovereign country located in North Africa. Both of them are alpine skiers, but what’s more, they are brothers. Meet the Lamhamedis – 21 years old Adam and 19 years old Sami.


Both live and study in Quebec, Canada: We’ve got double citizenships, so we’re Canadian and Moroccan. We live in Canada and study there and we train with the university team in Quebec city, but we represent Morocco everywhere else,” explains Adam: “Our goal is to represent our country as good as we can and just prove to the world that some African skiers can ski well.”


They don’t feel they belong to only one country: “We take the best of each,” thinks Sami. “Moroccan has good values, we got that from our dad, and we just live with the Canadian mind set too.”


One could think there is a rivalry between them, but their response immediately refutes it: “In Canada were racing for the university circuit so we’re in the same team. Yes, we’re rivals, but we’re partners. Because if he beats me, it means he’s faster and if he’s faster the team is going to benefit cause we’ll have some points,” explains Adam and continues: “We travelled the world together, we’ve done so many things together,” as Sami interrupts and says that they tune their skies together and even pack luggage together. “We’re a really good brothers,” Adam’s taking the word again.


Learn more about the Lamhamedis in our video!


Lucie Hrdlickova, U-Media Reporter