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08 February 2015 | in Winter Universiade, Alpine Skiing

A Night at the Medal Plaza




GRANADA - The medal ceremony for men’s Alpine Ski Combined was held on the terrace of the Granada Congress and Exhibition Centre on the evening of 8 February.

Swiss rider Sandro Boner won the gold medal with a time of 2:04.70 minutes, runner up went to Italy’s Giulio Bosca and the bronze was awarded to Slovakia’s Matej Falat.

“[The ceremony] was awesome,” said Boner, the University of Distance Learning, Pfaffikon student. “It was like all the good feelings of the day came together; it was a great way to end the day.”

Before each of their flags were raised during the FISU anthem, each athlete was awarded their medal and a small mascot.

“It’s an awesome feeling because it’s my first time winning something like this,” said Matej Falat, the Technical University of Kosice student.

And Italy’s Giulio, who won a silver medal at the Trentino Universiade, thinks this medal is just as special.

“It’s a good feeling [to win the silver medal again],” the Westminster College student said. “This is a really nice place. Sierra Nevada was great.”

After each event concludes, the official flower ceremony will take place at the venue, while later in the day the medal ceremonies will be held at the Granada Congress and Exhibition Centre beside the Universiade’s flame.


Kelsey Wright, U-Media Reporter