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09 January 2020 | in FISU

A new identity for a dynamic future of university sports

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – The International University Sports Federation (FISU) has begun a new era in the New Year, with a new visual and brand identity. The stylish new logo – the Dynamic U – continues to play on the ‘U’ of university sport but also incorporates the dynamism of sport as well as the colours of inclusivity. Along with the new logo, FISU has also officially adopted a new naming system for its flagship sports events. The Universiade, both winter and summer editions, will now be known as the World University Games hereon.


“FISU’s new visual identity is reflective of our vision of the future,” said FISU President Oleg Matytsin. “FISU is unique, because we are the stepping-stone for university students to aspire to greater things, in sport, in career and in life. For 70 years, we have driven the international university sports movement and now, in a dynamic new world, we are connecting the dots between history and the future. We want to build a vibrant global community of university sports, where one and all are welcome.”


The powerful new ‘U’ also stands for ‘You’ and ‘Us’ as FISU embarks upon this new era with the aim of further building the international university sports community. The mixed gradient of colours represents FISU’s dedication to diversity, equality, innovation and the joy of sport.


FISU’s goal is to bring increasingly more students into the university sports fold, to foster healthy lifestyles and better mental and physical health for all. Therefore, the new logo emphasises inclusion as university sport is not classist or elitist but is the very definition of inclusivity.


“The new logo and new naming system will give us more visibility, greater brand awareness and consistency of message,” said FISU Secretary General Eric Saintrond. “We have more than 170 member federations and are the umbrella organisation for their national and continental events. Together, we are creating one world of university sports.”


Being the only sport federation that bridges the gap between education and sport at university level, the International University Sports Federation looks ahead with immense responsibility upon its shoulders; Responsibility to keep up with the global mind shift that is taking place, responsibility to listen to the voice of the youth and to ensure a positive impact in the lives and careers of university students.


The new logo, visual identity and naming system were approved by the FISU leadership during the General Assembly held in Turin, Italy in November 2019 and are part of the implementation of FISU’s Global Strategy 2027.