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26 August 2016 | in Education, FISU

2016 Dream Together Master Programme



SEOUL – ‘Dream Together Master Programme’ is a full scholarship graduate programme funded by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO) and in cooperation with the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) that aims to educate the next generation sport of administrators as a part of the national project to contribute to international sport development. It was launched with a mission to educate, support, and connects those who will lead sport in countries where sport is underdeveloped.  For more details, visit the website. (http://dtm.snu.ac.kr/).

This programme has the following aims:

  • to consolidate international sport cooperation via global networking;

  • the provision of an in-depth insight in the area of sport management;

  • serving as a way of preparation for leadership positions in sport fields.

In September 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between FISU, the Division of Global Sport Management Talent Development at Seoul National University and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation. Six candidates were recommended by FISU and 2 students were selected in the final stage. Recently, they have travelled to Korea to start their master programme.

“I feel great and it is awesome being here. The reception has been so welcoming. I am fitting in earlier than I expected. Thanks to the DTM staff and volunteers. These guys are so great”,

Tedious T Ruzvidzo (Acting Director of Sports, Africa University, Zimbabwe) commented.

“I enjoy this country. All people are so kind. Staff of DTM is always ready to help us. Looking forward to be in class”, Raushan Kulahmetova (Specialist of International Department, Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism, Kazakhstan) added.

The ‘Dream Together Master Programme’ will commence from late August 2016 through June 2018. The students will stay in Korea for 17 months up until December 2017.


(Source: DTM)