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One of FISU’s core values is integrity. FISU follows the principles of honesty, transparency, fair play, equality and inclusion. FISU’s organisational structure, administration and activities reflect these aspects of good governance. Upholding the belief that an organisation should be governed to the highest ethical standard, FISU promotes confidence among all stakeholders and leads to better decision making and accountability.

The FISU Executive Committee

The FISU Executive Committee meets at least twice a year to take all the significant decisions necessary for optimal organisation functioning. Get to know all of FISU’s Executive Committee Members, from the President and Vice-Presidents to all members and continental delegates.  

FISU Committees

The FISU Committees assist and advise the FISU Executive Committee in its work. FISU’s 13 committees look into all areas of the organisation’s functioning, from technical aspects of FISU sports to education, gender equality and development. Click below to find out more.

FISU General Assembly

The FISU General Assembly is composed of the members of the University Sport Movement. The 164 National University Sport Federation (NUSF) members establish the organisation's general policy and main lines of work. The next General Assembly will be held on 17-18 November 2023. 

FISU General Assemlby 2019


Gender Equality

FISU strongly promotes gender equality under the leadership of the Gender Equality Committee, which was established in 2011. Learn more about FISU’s proactive attitude towards gender equality here.

Clean Sport

As the global home of university sports, FISU has invested great effort into its measures, which are an integral part of our World University Games, World University Championships, and University World Cup events. Find out more here