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Oceania University Sports Association


The Oceania University Sports Association (FISU Oceania) is the governing body of university sport in Oceania. It was founded in 2008 as a FISU initiative in order to promote the advancement of university student sports programmes at the Oceania regional and international level.



  • Associate member of FISU since 2009



The General Assembly is the supreme governing authority for the Association. It is held annually.

The Executive Committee consists of 6 voting members and meets at a minimum of twice annually. Its responsibilities include, among others:

  • The execution of decision taken by the General Assembly
  • The administration of the association
  • Formulating for approval the strategic, financial and operating plans
  • The proposal to the General Assembly of the number and the composition of the Sub-Committees;



  • My Unisport event


Members of the Executive Board (2020-2023):

  • President: Mr David Schmude (AUS)
  • Vice-President: Ms Nicole Clayden (NZL)
  • Secretary-General: Ms Donna Spethman (AUS)
  • Executive Member: Mr Alifereti Cawanibuka (FIJ)
  • Executive Member: Mr Cornelius Papau (PNG)
  • Executive Member: Ms Amy Sasser (MHL)