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Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire

Since its founding in 1949, the International University Sports Federation is the key driver to expand the role and reach of university sport around the world. FISU believes that sports values and sports practice work in perfect synchronicity within one's university studies.


FISU offers opportunity and inspiration to students around the world to play sport. The health, wellbeing, and experiences that students gain from sport help them become active members in our global society.


In keeping with this adage, FISU organises world-class sports and educational events, all with the mission of providing university students with the opportunities to connect and exchange with students from around the world, in a collaborative and competitive environment. To achieve this, FISU has identified goals and a path to achieve them with the FISU Global Strategy 2027. This ten-year tactical game plan can be found here.


The FISU Healthy Campus programme was also developed with the goal of creating an international benchmark for physical health and mental wellbeing on university campuses around the world. This programme is designed to benefit students and staff, while helping implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. More information about this programme can be found here.

Our Sports Events

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At the heart of the university sports movement lies FISU’s sports events – summer edition of the FISU World University Games, winter edition of the FISU World University Games, FISU World University Championships, and the FISU University World Cups. Across the totality of its events, the FISU sports programme covers more than 60 sports. 


The FISU World University Games are the largest global sports events for student-athletes. Held every two years in different cities around the world, they bring together thousands of athletes from over 150 countries and have a programme that includes 25 compulsory sports: 15 summer and 10 winter.


The FISU World University Championships are single sport competitions that complement and complete the FISU sports programme. They are also held every two years and give various host cities all over the world a chance to host a major international sports event. In 2022, FISU held 14 World University Championships and 21 events are scheduled for 2024.


The FISU University World Cup are unique international sports events that see student-athletes compete for their university teams rather than national teams. 


Characterised by a special atmosphere, an extensive sports programme, diversity, gender equality and high level of competition, FISU sports events are recognised stepping stones for other major events at the international and continental level. They are open to all student-athletes that have not been out of university or an equivalent institution for more than a year, and who are between the ages of 17 and 25.



Education Through Sport

In addition to the sports competitions, FISU stages educational events and programmes that offer students opportunities for individual development, networking, exchange of ideas and collaborative learning. These events like the FISU World Forum and the FISU World Conference cover a diversity of themes and draw upon a group of highly skilled people from a wide variety of professions. FISU education is focused on helping students and student-athletes acquire and develop leadership skills to enhance their level of participation in society.

FISU Secretary General & CEO

The FISU Secretariat is placed under the responsibility of the CEO and Secretary General. Eric Saintrond has been with FISU since 1985 and has held the Secretary General - CEO position since 2007.


"FISU is the only global organisation providing world-class international sports events to student-athletes who are simultaneously supporting their academic development. As the bridge between university sport and education, we believe our responsibility is towards the millions of university students across the world and not just elite athletes.”

FISU Headquarters in Lausanne

 Quartier UNIL-Centre, Batiment Synathlon, 1015 Lausanne  - Switzerland

Tel.: +41 (0) 216926400

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URL: www.fisu.net