1. FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy
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An event to promote of University Sport values


The FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy (FVLA) is an educational event that serves as a key part of the international sports and volunteering movement. Held in the Summer Universiade city of Kazan, the inaugural 2017 event brought together 110 volunteer leaders from 90 countries to the Russian sports city and over 111 in the second edition from 92 countries.


At the academy, emerging sport management leaders receive an intense programme that includes lectures, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities. Academy attendees are also brought “behind-the-house” to many first-class sports facilities used at top-level sports events to develop their knowledge and competence around the management of volunteers in sports events.


The aim of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy is to create a volunteering community around the world that could share the best global practices in volunteer projects in all kinds of sports events. In order to do that, all the values of university sport: excellence, teamwork, innovation, joy of sport and integrity.


Alongside the Academy sessions, young leaders are set with a group project that they present to an evaluation panel of sports officials. In recent editions, Academy attendees centred their work on how to further the University Sports movement on their campuses and communities through the International Day of University Sport (IDUS), a FISU initiative endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).


The benefits for Academy participants go beyond the practical, educational and cultural, with the top attendees earning additional elite internship and scholarship opportunities. In 2017, five future leaders were chosen to work with FISU on the important operational legacy project at the Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade.



Facts & Figures from the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy

  • Duration: up to 7 days

  • Scale: an average of 100 participants

  • Reach: over 90 countries

  • Frequency: every year

  • Participants: students (under 25 years old) from all over the world

  • 3 editions held since 2017

  • The 2020 edition:  Held with two online sessions, with the first having took place 22-23 June and the second half from 4-6 September 

  • Programme: conferences, workshops, exchange of experience, competitions, cultural exchange, group projects and much more



Day 1, 4 September (Friday)

Day 2, 5 September (Saturday)

Day 3, 6 September (Sunday)


Introduction+Team building

Media (compulsory)



Opening ceremony 


Optional 4 and 5 (Volunteers, Anti-doping)


Leadership (Guest speaker)

Leadership (Guest speaker)

Leadership (Guest speaker)


Student Ambassadors  Part 1

Student Ambassadors  Part 2

Student Ambassadors Part 3


Optional 1, 2 and 3 (Healthy Campus, Media, FISU Brand)

Volunteer Management

Closing ceremony+Farewell party



The intercultural exchange was the biggest benefit during our time in Kazan. We can learn from each other about the way to solve problems in university sport, even if we come from different continents. The transfer of knowledge and experiences are the main tasks for the future FISU student ambassadors.”

Moritz Belmann, Germany, member of EUSA student commission

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