1. FISU Student Ambassadors
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Student Ambassadors, the link between FISU and student communities


The FISU Student Ambassadors’ role is to serve as an important link between FISU and student communities in the countries where FISU is present and help to raise awareness about the University Sport Movement among students.


Student Ambassadors promote the events organised by FISU, its Continental University Sports Federations and National University Sports Federations through social media and contribute to the organization of different activities throughout the year including the International Day of University Sport


Among others, the role of the FISU Students Ambassadors includes acknowledging the importance of University Sports as a tool for promoting peace, cohesion and unity, to spread the word about FISU and further encourage all students to be actively involved in sports and volunteering activities while simultaneously promoting gender equality and tolerance.


After having attended the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy, the young leaders are formally recognized as FISU Ambassadors, with the strong belief that with all the experience they have gained, they will be able to promote and engage their own communities in favor of the University Sports Movement and healthy lifestyle habits.


FISU Ambassadors: Facts & Figures

  • Numbers: over 200 Ambassadors

  • Reach: over 90 countries

  • Frequency: every year since 2017, young leaders are recognized as FISU Ambassadors

  • Participants: students (under 25 years old) from all over the world, participants of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy