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The FISU Committees assist and advise the FISU Executive Committee in its work

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Student Committee

The 5 key aims which this group was able to establish for itself were: *increasing students participation in university sport activities *developing co-operation internally and with external partners *reinforcing the image of FISU and of the university sport movement *positively influencing changes in and the development of university sport *added value of the participation of students within the FISU structure by providing support to FISU events and committees


Emiliano Andres      OJEA           (ARG)     


     Chiara           COLTRI           (ITA)     


     Ellis           CLARK           (GBR)     

     Viktor           KISS           (HUN)     

     Mercy           LAKISA           (UGA)     

     Kyung Eun           LEE           (KOR)     

     Joshua           MIETHKE           (GER)     

     Oyunbileg           ZORIGOO           (MGL)