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The FISU Committees assist and advise the FISU Executive Committee in its work

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Education Committee

- The task of the Education Committee is to promote the scientific study of university sport through conferences, forums, reports, publications, lectures and all other appropriate measures (Article 138) - To gather knowledge about university sport and to establish knowledge management for /about university sport - To support the continual improvement of the quality of national and local university sport through sharing of its outputs. - To engage with and/or support through partnership both internal FISU committees in educational matters, and external organisations which promote similar educational objectives to those of FISU. - To advise on the management and support of contracted relationships between FISU and other agencies (universities, foundations, external agencies) through which FISU aims to benefit its members through the education-sport mix - To take an active part in educational events (conferences, congress, seminars,…) organized by national or international agencies in order to present and promote FISU aims and goals.


     Verena           BURK           (GER)     


     Sami           GARABEDIAN           (LIB)     


     Renata           BOJCZUK           (POL)     

     Mariia           BULATOVA           (UKR)     

     Maria Inés           GOMEZ           (ARG)     

     Viktor           KISS           (HUN)     

     Arnaud           RICHARD           (FRA)     

     Donna           SPETHMAN           (AUS)     

     Daniel           STUDER           (SUI)     

     William           THOMPSON           (GBR)     

     Bingshu           ZHONG           (CHN)