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The FISU Committees assist and advise the FISU Executive Committee in its work

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Committee for the Development of University Sport

The main objectives and responsibilities of CDSU are as follows: -examine and submit policies and objectives for the different Development areas to the decision of the FISU Executive Committee; 1-develop appropriate tools to structure the administrative work and develop external and internal communication in the area of Development; 2-analyse and work out recommendations for the FISU Executive Committee for: a. projects presented by Continental Federations; b. projects presented by National Unversity Sports Federations (NUSF); c. special projects that FISU wants to initiate; 3-allocate financial resources and carry out monitoring and evaluation of the projects and programmes approved by the FISU Executive Committee.


     Leonz           EDER           (SUI)     


     Penninah      ALIGAWESA KABENGE      (UGA)     


     Gilles           LEPINE           (CAN)     

Yuetong (Laura)      YAN           (CHN)     

     Maxim           URAZOV           (RUS)