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Today's Stars, Tomorrow's Leaders


Characterised by the unique atmosphere of university sports, wide number of disciplines, diversity and the high level of competence of the student-athlete competitors, FISU's sports events are recognised proving grounds for major international, continental, regional and national competitions. It's no wonder that many World University Games and World Univesity Championship participants go on to compete in continental championships, world championships, and the Olympic Games. 


Even as their sporting prowess is celebrated, FISU takes pride in the fact that our athletes choose to maintain a healthy balance between sports and academics. Due to the very nature of our events - open only to university students - all our athletes are also committed students who understand the importance of dual careers. Get to know some FISU athletes here and find out how they strike a balance between academic and sporting careers.


If you would like to be featured in the 'Athlete In Focus' section, write to media@fisu.net.