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Home News University of Algarve maintains FISU Healthy Campus Platinum Label  

University of Algarve maintains FISU Healthy Campus Platinum Label  

21 June 2024
University Campuses of Algarve, always near the sea in the south of Portugal.

A recent audit, conducted from 5-7 June 2024, confirmed UAlg’s adherence to 94 out of 100 criteria set by FISU. 

The University of Algarve (UAlg), Portugal, has successfully maintained its Platinum certification in the FISU Healthy Campus Programme, the highest recognition awarded by the International Federation of University Sports (FISU). A recent audit confirmed UAlg’s adherence to 94 out of 100 criteria set by FISU across all domains, including Healthy Campus Management, Physical Activity and Sports, Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Mental and Social Health, Risk Behaviours, Environment, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.

The auditors Gabriel Oliveira (University of Minho), Catarina Sampaio (University of Porto) with Eduardo Esteves and Nuno Rodrigues from University of Algarve.

The audit was carried out by Catarina Sampaio from the University of Porto’s Sports Center and Gabriel Oliveira from the University of Minho’s Department of Sports and Culture. During their visit, they met with UAlg’s rector, Paulo Águas, and key members of the UAlg + Sustainable and Healthy Council, including vice-rector Alexandra Teodósio, pro-rector Eduardo Esteves, and representatives from various departments such as the Students Union Sports Office, Schools, SAS Food Department, and others. The auditors also toured the Gambelas and Penha Campuses.

A collaborative effort

Pro-rector Eduardo Esteves highlighted the collaborative effort involved in maintaining the Platinum certification, stating: “Obtaining and maintaining the platinum degree in this certification was and is only possible thanks to the efforts of all those who make up the + Sustainable and Healthy Council, as well as the UAlg Services and Offices, in the development of initiatives and activities that constitute good practices in the various domains of the Healthy Campus.”

The FISU Healthy Campus programme, which began in 2020 now includes more than 141 universities and higher education institutions worldwide, and 73 are already certified. The initiative aims to enhance the well-being of students and the academic community by promoting a healthy lifestyle, raising awareness on well-being, and sharing knowledge and best practices related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program also emphasizes gender equality, reducing inequalities, increasing inclusion, sustainable community development, climate action, and fostering partnerships and synergies.

The university proposes a range of sports at sea.

The University of Algarve, founded in 1979, is a Portuguese public higher education institution located in the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, the Algarve, having its headquarters and two out of its three campuses in Faro (namely the Gambelas and Penha) and another campus in Portimão. It has around 10,000 students, 20 per cent of whom are international, from more than 90 nationalities, with Brazil being the most representative country of origin for those foreign students.

UAlg’s continued success in maintaining its Platinum certification underscores its commitment to these goals and its role as a leader in promoting health and sustainability in higher education.

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