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Home News The Costa-Rican roads and paths ready to welcome FISU student-cyclists

The Costa-Rican roads and paths ready to welcome FISU student-cyclists

28 May 2024
There will be a criterium, a time-trial and a road race in San Carlos. As well as two mountain biking events.

From 29 May until 2 June, San Carlos will host the FISU World University Championship cycling with five thrilling events that can be watched live on

110 athletes from 24 countries have traveled to beautiful Costa Rica to take part to FISU’s 7th cycling World University Championship, which kicks off on 29 May (16h CET) with the Criterium.

The region

San Carlos, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, provides the perfect backdrop for this thrilling event. This region has a rich history of hosting various international sporting competitions, and the San Carlos 2024 FISU World University Championship will add to its legacy. From challenging cycling routes to the warm hospitality of the local community, all involved will no doubt enjoy this memorable experience.

San Carlos has a humid tropical climate, which means the weather can be very warm and muggy. The average temperature for a typical day at the end of May for a typical day ranges from a low of 22°C to a high of 31°C.

The Costa Rica Institute of Technology campus in San Carlos.

The host

The event’s host is the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC). It is one of the five prestigious public universities in the country. The university has a presence in five campuses: Cartago, San José, Alajuela, Limón, and San Carlos, the city of the Championship. TEC is dedicated to teaching, research and extension of technology and related sciences.

The Costa Rica Institute of Technology hosted the FISU America Forum in 2020 and the FISU World Forum in 2022, and now prepares to welcome the more than 100 athletes who will participate in the San Carlos 2024 FISU World University Championship Cycling.

The programme

Three disciplines in the road race event, starting off with the Criterium (29 May, 16h CET for the Women’s race, 17h CET for the men’s race), both will cover 3.5 km on the west side of Ciudad Quesada Park.
The Individual Time Trial is scheduled on 30 May at 16h CET during which the men will cover 19km and the women 17km.
And finally the Road Race (31 May), starting at 16h CET for the men (112km) and 16h20 CET for the women (86 km) both races starting and finishing at TEC Santa Clara.

There will be two mountain bike disciplines: the Eliminator (XCE) on 1 June (16h CET) and the Cross Country (XCO) on 2 June (16h CET) as the closing event to these San Carlos 2024 FISU World Championship Cycling.

All races will be streamed live on So don’t hesitate to log on and virtually embark on a fantastic ride on the roads of Costa Rica!

Written by Thérèse Courvoisier

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