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Home News Second day of the FISU Conference focuses on crucial part of our lives: health

Second day of the FISU Conference focuses on crucial part of our lives: health

30 July 2023

“You can carry the torch. It will remind you every day to be physically active,” said J. Larry Durstine Ph.D., a distinguished professor at the University of South Carolina in the United States.

A mix of keynote speeches and panel discussions explored topics such as “Health and Life Activities”, “Health Embracing the Future“ and “Health and Life Care” on the second and penultimate day of the FISU World Conference, held as part of the Chengdu FISU World University Games.

The academic feast was delivered by renowned experts and scholars from all over the world, who shed light on topics from a variety of perspectives.

Notably, Ph.D. Bastien Presset, a researcher from the University of Lausanne and King’s College in London, delved into the measurement of physical activity in the context of health insurance, showcasing the impact of technology in this domain.

Amidst a world often entangled in complexity, the conference revealed the transformative potential of something as simple and fundamental as walking, which can unlock a healthier and longer life.

Dr. Barbara Ainsworth’s speech encouraged attendees to take small steps towards better well-being.

The advice of the former President of the American College of Sports Medicine to do what one can and employ every available tool to encourage more movement resonated deeply, empowering participants to embrace the profound benefits of an active lifestyle.

“The most interesting aspect for me was the demonstration of the cultural significance of sports and how sports can bring about integration and cohesion beyond its own realm to the world,” said Mr. Wang Qian, Chair of the FISU Conference Organizing Committee.

Mr. Wang also highlighted the cultural aspect as another focus of the three-day conference, acknowledging how exploring issues related to sports and health, as well as sports and culture, has been thought provoking and beneficial, adding depth and richness to the conference’s diverse discussions.

While an active afternoon was provided for participants by embarking on a cultural journey to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, another highlight was taking place at the venue of this year’s conference.

Celebrated Olympian and Chinese table tennis superstar Ding Ning put a smile on the faces of many volunteers and staff when she visited the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

“Thanks to this kind of academic communication, athletes can know more and the people coming to Chengdu can focus not only on the competition but also on academic communication. This could accelerate the fusion of sport and science,” said the now deputy leader of the Chinese University Student Team when asked about the role of events like the World Conference in promoting the integration of sport and science.

The Queen of Hearts, a nickname earned due to her exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and charismatic presence on and off the table tennis court recently obtained her master’s degree from Peking University in Beijing. A true testament to the power of sports and academia.

Written by Andjela Cegar, FISU Young Reporter