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Home News Asian University Sports Federation celebrates 30th anniversary with historical book

Asian University Sports Federation celebrates 30th anniversary with historical book

3 May 2023

In recognition of 30 years of the Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF), a new book is being launched that outlines the history, activities, and influence of the organization on the global university sports movement.

“30 Years of Asian University Sports Movement” is co-authored by Mongolian Students Sports Federation (МSSF) Secretary general, AUSF Vice President, and FISU CIC Vice chair, Dr. Dorjsuren Jargalsaikhan and Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism President, AUSF and FISU Assessor, Kairat Zakiryanov.

Photos courtesy Mongolian Students Sport Federation

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, while national and international sporting events were paused, the book will be formally launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7-8 May during the 12th General Assembly of the AUSF and in honour of its first 30 years.

Through rare materials and historical photographs, the book goes back through the last three decades to highlight the history and development of the AUSF. The 54 competitions and 24 sports of the Asian University Championships (from 2005-2021) are featured with statistical data, special moments, and country participation information for each event. Additionally, it reviews the contribution of Asian nations to university sport since the inception of FISU in 1949. Unique stories of Asian athletes, medals won, and records set at the FISU World University Games, FISU World Championships, and FISU University World Cups are recounted. FISU World University Games Summer and Winter hosted in Asia over the years are also celebrated.

Researched and written over three years, it is the first independent, single-topic work of the AUSF. Editing for “30 Years of Asian University Sports Movement” was provided by AUSF General Coordinator Laura Yan and MSSF Director of foreign affairs Enkhnaran J.

Written by Doug McLean

(with files from the Mongolian Students Sport Federation
and the Student Sports Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan)