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Home News FISU Challenge 2022: And the winners are…

FISU Challenge 2022: And the winners are…

FISU 7 November 2022

To celebrate the International Day of University Sports this year, FISU ran its Challenge 2022 in partnership with the Technogym App. The FISU Challenge 2022, which started on 20 September (IDUS) and ended on 31 October was all about promoting an active and healthy lifestyle on campus by moving – and collecting move points on the Technogym App.

Participants had the chance to win five exciting fitness-first prizes, such as a fully-equipped Home Gym Bench set or a Wellness Ball Active Sitting exercise ball.

“FISU immensely thanks Technogym for the technological support that makes these experiences possible and for the valuable prizes provided,” said Christian Monzani, FISU Marketing Director.

“We thank all the participants for their commitment and congratulate the winners. We are confident you will be our ambassadors for future new initiatives,” he added.

In 2023 FISU, in collaboration with National University Sport Federations, will organize more challenges. For you and your friends. Stay Tuned and Download the FISU-Technogym app.

The final standings:

Ranking Surname Name Joined on Counter
1 Marroquín Andrea 2022-09-20 76077
2 Buhajezuk Julien 2022-09-15 70475
3 de León Bran Ingrid Celeste 2022-09-21 68915
4 chong minlon 2022-09-20 63082
5 Fekete Dóra 2022-09-25 61479