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Home News 3×3 Basketball, Beach Volleyball and Rowing selected as optional sports for potential Rhine-Ruhr 2025 Summer WUG bid

3×3 Basketball, Beach Volleyball and Rowing selected as optional sports for potential Rhine-Ruhr 2025 Summer WUG bid

17 December 2020

WUBC 12.07.18 c Andre Goerschel (49)Munich’s hosting of the 2018 World University Beach Volleyball Championships in the Olympiapark was a sporting and spectating success (© Andre Goerschel)

Following an extensive coordination process, the German University Sports Federation (adh) has decided the sports programme for its bid to host the 2025 FISU World University Games in Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr region.


Rhein JorgBased on a selection procedure which considered seven indicators, as well as a review with the federations concerned in spring 2020 plus a subsequent consultation with the International University Sports Federation FISU, 3×3 basketball, beach volleyball and rowing, have been selected as optional sports for the planned major event in five years’ time. 


All three complement the sports programme of the fifteen compulsory sports at the summer edition of the FISU World University Games: archery, artistic gymnastics, athletics, badminton, basketball, diving, fencing, judo, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and water polo.


Boxing, cycling, equestrian, golf, handball, hockey, karate, sport climbing, shooting, triathlon and ultimate frisbee had also been candidates for optional sports.

 rhein germanathletesinnapoliGerman medalists celebrate on the track during the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade © Arndt Falter

“We did not make the decision easily, especially as we examined interesting options to enrich the traditional FISU World University Games portfolio attractively. Nevertheless, we are delighted with our picks and are looking forward to a colourful sports programme in 2025 that will inspire many people,” said adh Chairman of the board, Jörg Förster. 


adh had also coordinated the decision on the optional sports with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) as well as the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Representatives of the selected national sports federations expressed their satisfaction with the decision:


rhein 3x3Throughout Germany, 3×3 Basketball draws the crowds and the student-athletes (© DBB/ING) 

Ingo Weiss, President of the German Basketball Association (DBB), said: “I can only welcome the decision to include 3×3 basketball in the programme of the Universiade 2025. 3×3 fits perfectly as it is young, urban, attractive and colourful. The spectators of the Universiade, which will hopefully take place in the Rhine-Ruhr region in 2025, will be thrilled. I am quite sure that 3×3 will not only create a lot of positive emotions at the Olympics but also at the Universiade. I am looking forward to that.”


WUBC 12.07.18 c Andre Goerschel (31)The emotion is evident at Beach Volleyball events, as witnessed during the Munich 2018 World University Beach Volleyball Championships (© Andre Görschel)


Niclas Hildebrand, Sports Director Beach Volleyball of the German Volleyball Federation (DVV), underlines: “We are very happy that beach volleyball has been included in the programme of the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 Summer Universiade as an optional sport. It is another big step for the sport, which will therefore get its big appearance at the so-called’ little sister’ of the Olympic Games in Germany.


We have proven in recent years that beach volleyball inspires the masses at major events in Germany, and we are delighted that the sport will be offered another big stage in five years’ time. With the inclusion of beach volleyball, we will be represented with two disciplines of our sport in 2025, as volleyball is basically an integral part of the Universiade. Therefore, the entire German volleyball community and its federation are looking forward to the University Sports Festival in the Rhine-Ruhr region with great anticipation.”


Rhein rowingWith Rowing being part of the upcoming Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games, the sport continues to show its importance for student-athletes ( © DRV/Seyb)


Siegfried Kaidel, Chairman of the German Rowing Federation (DRV), is also delighted with the decision that has been made: “We are honoured that rowing has been selected as one of three optional sports for the Universiade 2025. It is another important step for rowing and its position in society. I am especially happy for all the athletes who will have the opportunity to participate in the Games.”


As things stand, up to 8,000 student-athletes from around 170 countries are expected to compete in 18 different sports at sports venues in Bochum, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen and Mülheim over twelve days. 2,000 officials will complement the delegations expected in the Rhine-Ruhr region in five years’ time. 


For more information, check out this linked map.