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Home News Sweden win women’s Bandy gold after dramatic final

Sweden win women’s Bandy gold after dramatic final

Bandy 9 March 2019

The Swedish team reaffirmed their status of best in the world, as they beat the Russians to win the Bandy competition at the Winter Universiade 2019

 KRASNOYARSK, 8 March – It was the match up that was eagerly awaited throughout the tournament. Both teams had their eyes on the gold medal from the start. The group stage encounter between Sweden and Russia had turned out to be a spectacle, with the hosts winning 4:2.


In the final too, Russia was in the lead within the first fifteen minutes as Olga Bogdanova scored on a breakaway. Sweden counter-attacked and Matilda Svenler scored what looked like an equalizer but due to the out of play position, the goal was not counted. Towards the end of the first half, Anastasiya Denisova made the score 2:0.


At the very beginning of the second half, Matilda Svenler played a cross and Agnes Oegren pulled one goal back. Almost immediately Linnea Larsson scored again to make it 2:2. The Russians then seized the initiative and Karina Lipanova took Russia ahead again, 3:2.


The hosts were close to victory, but the world champions in the Swedish team turned the match around. In the 88thminute Ida Friman tied the score and then Matilda Svenler took Sweden ahead with a 12-metre goal in the 1st minute of additional time. The final goal of the match was scored by Linnea Larsson in the 3rd added minute, as Sweden won 5:3. The first-ever Bandy gold in the history of the Winter Universiade was won by Sweden.


Ida Friman, whose crucial goal had tied the score two minutes before the final whistle, admitted after the game, “Emotions are overwhelming and it is difficult to describe them now. When we were losing two minutes before the final whistle, the only thoughts we had were that we must improve, continue to put pressure, and everything can work out. And we did it!”

“What is the gold medal of the Universiade like?” she laughed. “Very heavy.”


Alexander Mezhuev, head coach of the Russian national team, said, “I’d like to say thanks to Krasnoyarsk and spectators at the stadium, who did a great job cheering us during the match and after it.”


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