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Home News WUC Boxing: Draw Sheets and Live Stream

WUC Boxing: Draw Sheets and Live Stream

Championships 3 September 2018

ELISTA, RUSSIAN FEDERATION — The sweet science of boxing is underway at the World University Championships, taking place in the extreme southeast corner of this country.


In a sport full of fighters just as forward-thinking and tactical as they are tough, here are the 13 competition draws — 10 men’s and 3 women’s —that chart the route to World University Championship glory in the event’s eighth edition.



Live Stream of WUC Boxing – Day 3





Light Fly (46 – 49 kg) 


Fly Weight (50 – 52 kg)


Bantam  (56kg)


Light (60kg)


Light Welter (64kg)


Welter (69kg)


Middle (75kg)


Light Heavy Weight (81kg) . 


Heavy (91kg)


Super Heavy (+91kg)


Women’s Fly


Women’s Light 


Women’s Middle



Competition Schedule