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Home News 2012 WUC Water Skiing: Update

2012 WUC Water Skiing: Update

Waterski & Wakeboard 11 January 2012

SANTIAGO DE CHILEJanuary 14th, the first day of finals took place in optimal weather conditions. The spectators were treated to intense competition, which has reserved its share of surprise and reversal.

The day began with the women’s slalom final which saw the victory of the Belgian athlete Kate Adriaensen. German skier Geena Krueger took the silver medal while the Peruvian Delfina Cuglievan had to make an additional passage in order to tie with American Alexandra Laurentano to take the bronze medal.

Chile took the gold medal in the men’s competition which held the audience in suspense until the last second and it is with some surprise that Felipe Miranda took the gold medal in a competition where he was not a favorite and which is not his favorite event either. The silver went to American Adam Pickos and Adam Sedlmajer from the Czech Republic ended third.

The women’s tricks competition was the subject of a mini drama as sport can sometimes provide. Indeed, the French super favorite Iris Cambray fell twice before the end of the first figure in the two passages giving way to Alexandra Laurentano (USA) for the gold ahead of Belgian Kate Adriaensen. Petra Povolna (Czech Republic) took the bronze medal.

The men’s tricks competition saw the same three athletes back on the podium, be it in a different order. Chilean athlete Felipe Miranda had to settle for second place this time and leave the gold for Adam Pikos. Adam Sedlmajer (CZE) won for the second time that day the bronze medal.

Results of this event can be found here.

(Source: Laurent Briel, WUC Director)