Ski Orienteering

Ski Orienteering is one of the few winter sports on the World University Championships sports programme. Its first edition in 2016 in Tula, Russia and was immediately a hit. Combining orienteering and cross country skiing, it’s a very technical sport.

About Ski Orienteering

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Tartu (EST)


WUC Ski Orienteering 2016

Ski Orienteering

FISU Technical Delegates

Valentin Garkov (BUL)

Juraj NEMEC (SVK) 

International Federation

International Orienteering Federation

FISU Regulations

Download the FISU Regulations here.


The History of Ski Orienteering in FISU

Further to a long-lasting cooperation between FISU and the International Orienteering Federation (IOF), Ski Orienteering entered the programme of the World University Championships officially in 2013. The first event in the discipline will be held in 2016 in the region of Tula, in Russia.