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29 November 2012 | in World University Championships

2014 WUC Update

Leonz Eder with the Malaysian delegation, led by Kasin Bin Hj. Md.Mansur, President of the Asean University Sports Council (second from left)

CHA-AM - At the occasion of the 7th General Assembly and 20th Anniversary of the Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF) in Cha-Am, Thailand, FISU Vice-President and Chair of the CTI WUC, Leonz Eder met several representatives of different countries of the AUSF. He discussed with them the possibility of hosting a World University Championship in 2014 and/or in 2016.

India has shown an interest to bid for the 2014 WUC Squash in Chennai. According to Dr. S.N. Puri, President of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the Indian Squash Federation is preparing the technical requirements and financial needs. If India presents that bid successfully, it would be the first FISU event ever held in India.

Another possible host of a WUC in the future could be Oman. Salim Al-Araimi, the Head of the Oman delegation at the GA of AUSF, proposed to evaluate a bid for the WUC Equestrian in his country.

The delegation of Malaysia, which recently met also with FISU President Gallien and Secretary General/CEO Saintrond at the City Events Conference in Lausanne, confirmed they will to host the 2014 WUC Woodball and other events, such as other WUCs in 2016 and a Summer Universiade in the future.

Finally, AUSF 1st Vice-President and FISU Assessor Omar Al-Hai showed his interest to host the WUC Chess in 2016 as the United Arab Emirates already will host the AUSF Chess Championship in 2013.


(Source: Leonz Eder, FISU Vice-President & CTI WUC Chair)