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04 June 2018 | in Winter Universiade

Winter Universiade 2019 athletes to receive the best care in Krasnoyarsk

KRASNOYRSK — Keeping athletes healthy is of key importance during competition season — even more so during an event like the upcoming 29th Winter Universiade. Fortunately in this Siberian city athletes, coaches, officials and family can rest easy knowing that Universiade participants will be treated with the leading-edge of rehabilitation if something arises.



Recently, the Rehabilitation Medicine Centre of the Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) opened a centre for athlete preparation for the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade. Top regional and national athletes are now testing out the new equipment that the Universiade participants will use for preparation for the competitions and during the competitions.



Rehabilitation Therapy Centre is equipped with the training machine complex in the Siberian region that can assess an athlete’s movement technique and develop an individual algorithm of rehabilitation and training. The centre has a strength kinesitherapy and functional training gym, with a unique sensory treadmill, complete with a state-of-the-art video analysis system. The centre also has a cryotherapy room and a climate room, which enables to create conditions for the athletes’ acclimatisation and training in various climate conditions.

 They say skiers are born in the summer; in Krasnoyarsk, now when the snow melts in the sprint top cross-country skiers and biathletes can get the most sport-specific training one can...off the snow.


The centre also utilises 3D modelling to help athletes achieve the best training performance. “Based on the 3D image, the doctors and the coaches can assess the athlete’s technique,” said Sergey Nevzorov, Director of the FMBA Rehabilitation Medicine Centre of the Federal Biomedical Agency.  “As a doctor, I pay attention in the first place to performance-inhibiting disorders which have their influence on the result. Our goal is to eliminate the disorders in the athlete’s technique and make his or her movements perfect.”



Ilya Zykov, Winter Universiade 2019 local team candidate and a Master of Sports in biathlon was impressed with treadmill’s a video analysis system: “At the moment, I am preparing for the Games,” the university student-athlete said. “I am sure that this centre will prove very useful for the athletes that are going to take part in the competitions. This training machine allows to undergo the entire complex of procedures necessary for the athlete, to get a health condition diagnosis and reveal imperfections in technique.”

Being healthy is a pre-requisite for an athlete looking to put forward their best possible performance  

After the Universiade, the equipment of the centre will be used for tests, training and rehabilitation of Russian National team athletes. “Elaboration of the facility legacy programme is our separate area of work,” said Evgeny Portnyagin, a doctor in sports medicine at Siberian Federal Clinical Research Centre of FMBA.  “We are searching for the ways to make the facility available for everyone: the athletes and residents of Krasnoyarsk and the region. We hope that, with our experience, we will be able to provide a faster rehabilitation for individuals with various traumas.”