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21 June 2014 | in World University Championships, Floorball

Day 4 of 6th WUC Floorball: Semi-Finals


Czech goalkeeper Jan Barak focused on the ball

SINGAPORE - From the onset of the game, the Czechs displayed their dominance against the Japanese team on Day 4 of the 6th World University Floorball Championship, and scored their first goal within the first two minutes.The Japanese were pushed to their limits by the stronger and more experienced Czechs where superior technique and physique overcame perseverance to hold on to their fort. The Japanese team had to succumb to a 17-1 defeat. “Well, we were playing rather defensively to save our energy for the semi-finals. We were expecting to win this match and I think we did very well for this game with our awesome passing, good movement and long shots”, Vojtech Bagin (CZE) commented. “Did we think that we will win? Of course, we enter every championships to win, right? We know that we can’t make any mistakes against them. We have to be focused during the entire match and I think that since we can go to the finals, we have to play 120 percent and that is the key.”

The excitement of the Singapore-Korea match in the qualifying round progressed in a fast pace, as both teams sought to gain the upper hand. The goal of the day has to be from Jatin Nair, whose brilliant stickwork surprised the Koreans when he unleashed an unstoppable shot whilst extricating himself from his opponents.

Finland's Jami Manninen tails his opponent Antener Emanuel in an attempt to intercept his pass

In the women’s tournament Japan beat Malaysia 8-5. This match proved to be a thrilling clash between 2 Asian teams. The Malaysians fought hard against a tough Japanese defence and created many scoring chances. Their hard work resulted in 4 goals in the final period but it was not enough to beat Japan.

Team Singapore women were up against defending WUFC champions, Sweden, in this playoff match. The Singaporeans defended their goal aggressively but were unable to stop Sweden's fast and accurate shots. Sweden proved to be too quick and skillfull for the Asians who got beaten 23-0. Sweden proceeds to the finals tomorrow.

The Finnish team consists of several experienced national team players and were the much stronger team in this match. Switzerland were unable to convert their chances and score any goals. Finland was victorious again (11-0) and will meet Sweden in the Finals tomorrow.



Switzerland vs. Russian Federation (18 – 2)
Czech Republic vs. Japan (17 - 1)
Malaysia vs. China (People's Republic of) (20 - 1)
Republic of Korea vs. Singapore (1-8 )
Russia vs. Japan (7 - 1)
Sweden vs. Czech Republic (5 - 4 extra time)
Finland vs Switzerland (2 - 4)

Japan vs. Malaysia (8 – 5)
Sweden vs. Singapore (23 - 0)
Finland vs. Switzerland (11 - 0)

(Source: WUCOC – Images: Voxsports)