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21 April 2017 | in Multisports, Summer Universiade

Universiade Torch and Torchbearers’ Uniform unveiled



TAIPEI CITY - With just 120 days left before 2017 Taipei Universiade begins, the torch, safety lantern and torchbearers’ uniforms were publically unveiled at Creative Expo Taipei. In her speech at the event, Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade Organizing Committee (TUOC) CEO Li-Chiung Su said that all the Taipei Universiade products unveiled here today were made using Chinese Taipei craftsmanship, design and were manufactured in Chinese Taipei. This truly echoed the idea of Mayor Ko about Taipei Universiade - “Let Chinese Taipei go out to the world, bring the world to Taipei”. She said that the Universiade is not just a sports event, it is an excellent opportunity for the world to see Taipei. Once lit, the torch will guide Chinese Taipei out into the world and the world will see the design talent of Taipei.   


(left to right) Hong-Qi Li, Maggie Hsu, athletes, TUOC CEO Li-Chiung Su, and TUOC Cultural Division Director Li-Chu Li unveiled the torch and torchbearers' clothes.

The torch and torchbearers’ uniforms were jointly unveiled by TUOC CEO Li-Chiung Su, Sports Administration of Ministry of Education Section Chief Maggie Hsu, Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation Deputy Secretary General Hong-Qi Li, and TUOC Cultural Division Director Li-Chu Li. Extreme adventurer Kevin Lin, who represented Taipei as a torchbearer in the 2015 Gwangju torch relay, and Huei-Chen Wang, Taipei’s first gold medalist at a Universiade, were invited to model the torchbearers’ clothes. Lin was full of praise for the torch design and said it was an honor to wear this uniform.


Torch designer Jimmy Chang (left) and torchbearers' uniform designer Jasper Huang (right) pictured with the athletes.

Torch designer Jimmy Chang quoted “Fair play” from the Confucian Analects to describe his design idea. The torch displays both Taipei’s traditional bamboo weaving craft and modern laser cutting technology. The first “Five Circular Flame” exclusive environmentally-friendly gas bottle in Taipei was developed with Iroda industries, a company that has specialized in flame design for 30 years. When the relay is conducted at night, the bottom of the torch can project the Universiade logo using LED technology. The safety lantern uses environmentally friendly bio-fuel so it can be safely transported by air. The aluminum ring handle has a cover made using the octagonal weaving technique developed by master weaver Su-Jen Su that has the aesthetic look and has an insulating function. The torch was designed to be lightweight, weighing just 1kg, meeting Olympic specifications. The torch relay in Taipei will start from Mt. Jade. To ensure the torch can overcome the challenges of the high altitude, CEO Su led a team to the top of Mt. Jade to test the lighting of the torch.    



Torchbearers’ clothes designer Jasper Huang is adept at using Eastern fashion printing in his designs. The 45-degree Universiade “North” Chinese character logo and colors make up the elements of the 3D printing color blocks, creating a texture resembles the Chinese Watercolor Painting. The color of the spring jacket uses the red, blue, and white colors of the ROC flag and V-design on the chest mimics a distinctive characteristic of the Formosan black bear. Taking into account the athlete’s comfort, fabric made using coffee yarn, environmentally-friendly technology with a global patent that has moisture-absorption and quick-dry properties, was chosen to make the clothes. 


For celebrating the upcoming Taipei Universiade, 10 illustrators from Taipei, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Belgium were invited to draw sketches based on Universiade sports and the torch as creative subjects. Members of the public are invited to color in the sketches to make the Universiade more vibrant! During the event period, participants can upload a finished work to the event page to receive a limited edition souvenir. “Color in Taipei Universiade!” event will start at 2:30 pm on April 22nd, we welcome members of the public to join with the illustrators to celebrate Universiade together.


For upcoming Universiade Cultural Events, please go to the official website: http://events.2017.taipei/


(Source: Taipei 2017 OC)