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15 May 2017 | in Summer Universiade

SU2017 HOD Meeting – Press Conference


TAIPEY CITY - A press conference for the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Spring Heads of Delegation Meeting was held on the evening of May 11. FISU President Oleg Matytsin thanked the Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee (TUOC) for its all-round efforts and expressed the belief that all the heads of delegation in attendance are full of confidence about the coming Universiade. He said that the 29th Summer Universiade will be the biggest sporting event that Chinese Taipei has ever hosted and hoped that, on the Universiade stage, all the good things about Taipei will be seen by the world.  He said the idea of Taipei City Government and FISU about the Universiade is the same: "Create a perfect stage for the students, they are the main players.”

TUOC CEO Li-chiung Su said that the Heads of Delegation Meeting was a rare chance for heads of delegations to get together. TUOC arranged visits to the Athletes’ Village and competition venues for the visiting delegation heads to familiarize them with food, accommodation, transportation and competition planning, and also to provide them with information about competitions and games services. After these onsite visits, the delegations and guests gained a better understanding of the state of preparations for Taipei Universiade and further affirmed the efforts of the TUOC so far.  

CEO Su said Taipei 2017 Universiade is a major international sporting event, a sporting feast that will witness the hard work of youth, a movement to improve the city, and, moreover, a great opportunity for cross-border exchange. The organizing team made up by the Taipei City Government and civil power has worked tirelessly to organize the Universiade to ensure everything goes smoothly and a splendid chapter in world sporting history is written in Taipei in August. She said that the facilities and processes that meticulous preparatory efforts have produced will demonstrate to each delegation how vibrant and how full of vigour Taipei City is. She expressed the hope that everyone, students, members of the public, media friends present at the press conference, will all take part in Taipei 2017 Universiade and capture moving images of the athletes giving their all competition and this city and write inspiring words. Taipei Universiade will be honoured by your participation, she said.

CEO Su emphasized that the countdown of the last 100 days until the opening ceremony has begun. She thanked the counties/cities involved, central government, civil groups and FISU for their assistance.

From left to right Eric Saintrond, FISU Secretary General/CEO, Oleg Matytsin, FISU President, Li-chiung Su TUOC CEO, Chun-Ming Xue, TUOC Deputy CEO

Asked by the media how Taipei Universiade can be made better with 99 days to go before the opening ceremony, Mr. Matytsin responded that every country has its own charm and uses the opportunity of hosting the Universiade to prove its potential. Taipei Universiade will bring together the efforts of the young generation and Taipei City Government and has a good chance to be one of the best-ever Universiades. Not only does it have an outstanding execution team, it is underpinned by the exemplary spirit of everyone working together for country and home city.

FISU Secretary General/CEO Eric Saintrond added that Taipei Universiade needs more people to participate. He invited all Taipei citizens to go to the venues to watch the exciting competitions and fill them to capacity.