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10 July 2017 | in Summer Universiade

2017 SU Flame arrives on Taipei Soil for Domestic Torch Relay



TAIPEI CITY – After the Universiade Torch was lit with the Universiade Flame on 20 June in Torino, the host city of the first Universiade, its relay proceeded to Naples, Italy (2019 SU), and Bangkok, Thailand (2007 SU). The Flame team then travelled to Taipei’s sister city, Daegu, Korea (2003 SU), for the final leg of the overseas torch relay on 28 June. Over a 10-day period, the overseas torch relay was held in four cities spanning Europe and Asia, and had more than 30 relay points. This overseas mission came to a perfect end in Daegu. After the exciting and busy overseas torch relay, the sacred flame was escorted to Chinese Taipei by Taipei City Deputy Mayor Ching-Jun Chen on 29 June. To welcome the FISU Flame, a torch arrival ceremony was held at the main entrance of Taipei City Hall by the Taipei City Government. The flame was escorted there by Shi-Hsin Chen who represented Taipei as a torch bearer in the last leg of the overseas torch relay in Daegu. She handed it to Mayor Ko who then placed it on the torch table, announcing the start of the Chinese Taipei torch relay! The torch relay on the island began on 29 June and will continue until the opening ceremony on 19 August.


 Torch Relay arrives in 2003 SU host city Daegu, KOR


Domestic Torch Relay


The first leg of the domestic torch relay saw the torch carried to the main peak of Mt. Jade, Chinese Taipei’s highest peak and is also the highest in Northeast Asia (3,952 m), from 6th to 7th July.


 The Torch Relay Team at the peak of Mt. Jade


The torch relay will then pass through 22 counties/cities in Chinese Taipei from 13 July to 8 August. The theme of the relay is LOVE. The route spells out the English word LOVE, connecting 22 cities/counties, and symbolizing the departure of love from Taipei and its spread all across island as well echoing the Love and Peace spirit that the sacred flame represents.



It is hoped that the torch relay will introduce Chinese Taipei’s unique culture, ecology, and industries to the world, such as Taitung’s hot air balloon tourism industry, the diverse ecology of Turtle Island, Yilan, and the old city charm of Hengchun in Pingtung. The torch relay route will follow the letters of ‘LOVE’; the ‘L’ part will start from the outlying island Penghu, Kinmen, Lianjiang; ‘O’ from east to middle west cities Yilan, Hualien, Miaoli, and Taichung; ‘V’ from Taitung, Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Chiayi County, Yunlin, Tainan, Chiayi City, Nantou, Changhua, and ‘E’ from Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City, Taoyuan, New Taipei City, Keelung in the north then return to Taipei.


 Arrival of the Torch in Taipei City

The sacred flame will return to Taipei on 10 August where the last stages of the relay will take place. It will first pass through Taipei’s 12 districts. Then, on 16 and 17 August, the torch will be carried on two routes, namely Old City and Cultural routes, to display Taipei’s history and culture. The climax of the relay will see the sacred flame cauldron lit at Taipei Stadium on August 19, lighting up Taipei 2017 Universiade.



(Source: 2017 SU OC)