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09 March 2017 | in Summer Universiade, FISU

2017 SU: FISU announces Successful Applicants of #FISUYRP2017



LAUSANNE – FISU proudly announces the 12 successful applicants of the 4th FISU Young Reporters’ Programme at the 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei City 2017 selected by the FISU Media & Communication Committee Chaired by FISU 1st Assessor Verena Burk.


“This edition’s selection was a very tough one as a great number of high-profile candidates entered an application. The CMC made a balanced selection based on qualifications and gender equality when possible”, Verena Burk commented.


The successful candidates represent the following countries: Uganda & South Africa (Africa), India & China (Asia), Canada & Brazil (Americas), Sweden, Belgium & France (Europe), Australia & New Zealand (Oceania). Interesting note is the fact that two of the successful candidates previously participated as a student-athlete at the Universiade.


We had a total of 63 candidates representing 30 different countries.


Below you can read the reactions of the selected youngsters.



Laetitia Béraud (FRA): “Reporting on major sporting events has always been a dream of mine. I am very excited to be part of the team and I can't wait to be there.”


Annesha Ghosh (IND): “I am absolutely stoked to hear the news of my selection among the 12 FISU Young Reporters, who'd be covering the 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei City in less six months from now! I look forward to making optimum use of every single second I'd be spending at the Universiade: reporting on the multifarious sporting disciplines, interacting with my fellow reporters, and above all, picking up invaluable insight on the craft of journalism from the esteemed panel of mentors that would be guiding us through this programme. Can't wait to set foot in Taipei City to cover the first multi-sport event of my career!”


Salim Valji (CAN): “I'm so thrilled to be chosen to participate in the FISU Young Reporters' Programme. I've worked in sports media since I was 18, and am committed to a career in the field. It'll be exciting to work in an area of the world I've never been to, meet other young professionals, and learn new reporting skills. A great adventure awaits, and I am so grateful to FISU for the opportunity.”


Kimara Singh (RSA):It is an absolute honor and privilege to have been selected among some of the aspiring sports journalists around the world. I am looking forward to this experience and am already preparing for the hard work ahead. Here's to a wonderful journey in Taipei!”


Laura Quilter (NZL): "Just confirmed my place as a reporter for the 29th Summer Universiade! I'm excited to experience the other side of sport- I was a competitor at the 2013 and 2015 Universiades. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to meeting the athletes and immersing myself in a new culture."


Rafaela Burity (BRA): "I am extremely happy and grateful to take part in such a wonderful programme, as well as to have the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional journalist through a unique hands-on experience."


Matthew Barnard (AUS): "To be selected in the FISU Young Reporters' Programme is a huge honor and I can't wait to jump right in. Having competed in the 28th Summer Universiade in Gwangju, Korea as an athlete I fell in love with the games and am eager to be involved this time with different side of the event. To develop my skills as a reporter and meet people with similar goals and interests as me from around the world in an opportunity of a lifetime."


Karl Sundström (SWE): "This is a massive opportunity for me to develop as a journalist and a person. I'm super excited about this fantastic chance and looking forward to experience Taipei this summer."


Badru Katumba (UGA): "This is a dream come true! I can't wait to learn how to document/report moments of sheer grit, raw passion, unbridled emotions, sweat, blood and tears manifested on sports arenas. I will share this knowledge first with my five and six year old photography students; Keith and Maya. I am grooming these two to be the best photojournalists from Uganda in future. And of course, this will be my first time to travel on a plane! I am super excited!"


Chi Ye (CHN): The opportunity to participate in the YRP programme is one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received. Being an outstanding media worker in sports events has been my dream for many years, and I deeply believe that YRP programme will help me make it happen!”


Leticia Dawidowicz (BEL): "I was surprised by my selection as a Young Reporter. I really didn’t expect it as I don’t have any experience in journalism besides my studies. I feel so lucky to participate in this programme and I can’t wait to start the training. The YRP is an amazing opportunity to acquire 'live' experience in sport journalism."


Kirralee Thomas (AUS): I would love to participate in the Young Reporters Programme in August. This is an unbelievable opportunity, having this hands on experience at such a high profile sporting event towards the end of my degree will really consolidate my learning. I am excited to get involved, and so grateful for the chance.”



C. Pierrre, FISU Press Officer