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05 May 2017 | in Multisports, Summer Universiade

2017 SU: 2nd CSU Inspection Visit


TAIPEI CITY - The FISU Summer Universiade Supervision Committee (CSU), led by its Chair also the FISU 1st Vice President Leonz Eder, the CSU Vice-Chair Kemal Tamer, the CSU members Hisato Igarashi and Kenny Chow, as well as the FISU Staff from the General Secretariat, started its 2nd CSU Inspection Visit on 4 May in Taipei, the host city of 2017 Summer Universiade.


In the morning of 4 May, the FISU delegates went to the National Taiwan Sport University Arena, the Fu Jen Catholic University Stadium and the Taipei Tennis Center to look over the respective venues and facilities therein. The Organising Committee presented an onsite report on the renovation and construction. The FISU delegates were very glad to witness the progress and expressed their confidence in the venue readiness on time.


Venue inspection

In the afternoon, the meeting session started firstly with an internal CSU discussion, followed by the OC progress report on the overall preparations of the 2017 Summer Universiade, Sports and Sport Services, as well as Venue Readiness and Operations.


A welcome dinner was hosted by the CEO of the Organising Committee Ms. Li-Chiung Su, joined by the CSU members and the FISU staff, as well as the Deputy Director General of the Sports Administration of Ministry of Education, the Secretary General of CTUSF, and other representatives from relevant institutions.


During the dinner, Ms. SU emphasised, “as the Universiade is coming close, I am proud to say that we have made tremendous progress since FISU’s last visit. With FISU’s guidance, our close cooperation and our colleagues’ dedication, I do believe that we will deliver a wonderful event. Thank you for your always good suggestions and we will go on working together!”


CEO of the Organising Committee Ms. Li-Chiung Su presents 1st VP Eder with a Taipei 2017 mascot

“Today we were very much impressed by the progress of the venues, especially the tennis venue, which will be a great legacy for the city. We also had very fruitful meetings this afternoon”, Mr. Eder further commented. “We would like to congratulate you on your progress, and we are really looking forward to a great event in three months. Let’s work together in the remaining days to expect thousands of students coming from all over the world to celebrate this festival of youth and sport!”


On 5 May, the CSU members went to visit the Athletes’ Village and moved on their meetings with other functional areas.

The CSU Inspection Visit will last for another day and be concluded on the afternoon of 6 May.


(Source: SU Dept.)