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30 January 2012 | in Rectors' Forum

2013 Rectors’ Forum Update: Work Meeting in Umea, Sweden

 Johanna Saint Clair, Alison Odell & Peter Hassman

UMEA - On January 28th, Ms. Alison Odell, 1st Assessor and CESU Chair met in Umea, Sweden, with Johanna Saint Clair, President of the National University Sports Federation (SAIF) and Peter Hassman, Director of the Umea Center for Sport Science to prepare the Rectors’ Forum that will take place from June 11th to 14th, 2013. Kolë Gjeloshaj, FISU Director for Educational Services attend the meeting as well.

The purpose of this first preparatory meeting held on site between FISU and the Organizing Committee was to establish the level of cooperation between the different partners and to work on the program, the sub-themes and the potential speakers from the FISU Family and beyond.

The main theme of this event is “University and Community Growth through University Sport”. The Rectors’ Forum is organized as one of the main international activities celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National University Sports Federation of Sweden. The city of Umea located in the north east of the country is very much turned to education as the Umea University (1965) with its 40,000 students is composing more than one third of the population of the city.


(Source: Kolë Gjeloshaj FISU Director for Educational Services)

Johanna Saint Clair


Work Meeting